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Back in action after the holidays!

It always seems to surprise me how quickly the holiday season can pass some years and how slow it can crawl by other years. The 2011 holidays flew by, and I’m not sure if that was preferred or not. Either way, it happened and it’s in the past, so looking forward now to 2012 from here on out is all we can do.

Anyway, wanted to put together a quick “bringing up to speed” post for lack of any better reason not to keep myself motivated to press on and begin putting together some tangible results from all this research. Please pardon me if any of this comes across as simply patting myself on the back. I assure you, its intent is quite different.

1. The Professional Bar & Beverage Manager’s Handbook - Douglas Brown
2. Running a Bar for Dummies - Ray Foley & Heather Dismore
3. The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living - Mark Boyle

SDG&E Energy Innovation Center seminars in 2012:
1. Do It Yourself Energy Audit
2. Lighting Controls
3. Innovative Food Service Technologies & Efficiencies
4. Core Concepts & Implementations of Green Buildings, Parts 1-3
5. Greener Restaurants
6. Energy Efficient Refrigeration
7. Operating an Energy Efficient Restaurant
8. Design of Hot Water Systems for Food Service
9. Purchasing Energy Efficient Equipment for Kitchens
10. Kitchen Ventilation Tips, Tricks & Technologies
11. Effective & Efficient Lighting (revisit)

1. Food, Inc.
2. Fork Over Knives
3. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
4. Carbon Nation
5. Ingredients
6. Fed Up!
7. Food Matters
8. Dive! - Living Off America’s Waste
9. May I Be Frank (pending) 

One project in particular that really struck me called Project Seal-Up (funded by Green For All) was covered in the film Carbon Nation. The cameras followed Chester Thrower as he marches forward in his quest to bring both energy efficient savings and new jobs to low-income neighborhoods. The idea is so simple it’s brilliant: Create a start-up business designed to retrofit old housing stock with simple DIY and cost effective updates through the training and employment of the the previously unemployed, less fortunate, and/or poverty-stricken local population. I was certainly inspired by what Chester was achieving.

And last, but certainly not least, my good friend Phil informed me of a restaurant in his land of Chicago that was recently named the greenest restaurant in the country, called Uncommon Ground. The article he provided me with immediately led to a whole slew of additional resources (and honestly, ones that I was quite embarrassed I didn’t know about already), including the Green Restaurant Association. All great things that I could spend the rest of the witching hour going on and on about, but will instead choose to simply provide a link to the aforementioned article:

As I head into the new year, I am now equipped with my first ever official Fair Share business card thanks to a very thoughtful and perfectly timed holiday gift. I’m also in touch right now with some old classmates of the graphics/web designer world to help me finalize the Fair Share logo/branding and get an introductory website up and running. Off to a good start, but still so much more I can/want/need to tackle. This is certainly child’s play in comparison to the bigger goals that I intend on tackling later in the year. That’s when the self-imposed training wheels come off and things really start to come to life. Can’t wait!

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